New York Strange Phenomena Investigators

• 8:30 PM – Captain Matt Sosnowski witnesses fireball flying from West to East.
• 8:35 PM – Teenagers see spiraling object thought to be a plane crashing into the ocean.
• 8:45 PM – Chuck calls the police and is transferred to the Coast Guard.
• 8:49 PM – First call received by Coast Guard dispatch.
• 8:50 PM – Coast Guard “Defender Class” search boat leaves dock.
• 9:20 PM – Coast Guard search boat arrives at search location off Normandy Beach.
• 9:50 PM – Coast Guard helicopter arrives on site and initiates a 12-mile sweep.
• 10:30 PM – Radio and television newscasts report possible downed airplane.
• 10:35 PM – Gail Steinbacker sees bright-white lights over water from Ortley Beach.
• 11:30 PM – Search mission called off with no crash debris or fuel sheen found.
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Normandy Beach, NJ Fireball

September 1, 2007 (Evening)

Multiple-witness sighting of large fireball and other unidentified object(s) flying from West to East over the NJ shoreline. Object(s) were reported to have allegedly crashed into the Altantic Ocean. Local police and U.S. Coast Guard search missions were dispatched by boat, helecopter, and on the beach.

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