Oliver Kemenczky

Oliver von Kemenczky is the founder of New York Strange Phenomena Investigators (NY-SPI), headquartered in Manhattan. NY-SPI is a scientific research group dedicated to the systematic investigation of UFO sightings, "missing time" reports and related extraordinary occurrences.

Oliver has over 25 years of experience as a UFO researcher and field investigator. He consults regularly with television networks and production companies on the filming of fact-based investigation programs. Officially, his interest in UFOs began in childhood. His parents, who encouraged him to look at the subject with an open mind, were his inspiration. His mother helped plant the seeds of his curiosity, while his father (an engineer, inventor and amateur astronomer) helped teach him how to examine the UFO phenomenon from a technical perspective. It soon became a hobby.

For over 10 years, Oliver served as a key player with New York City’s Intruders Foundation (IF), working closely with author, artist and veteran UFO abduction investigator Budd Hopkins. IF is a research and support organization that examines UFO close encounters, especially those where the witnesses report having had strange dream-like experiences, a sense of "missing time," or memories of potential “alien abductions.” IF also offers a network of support, providing sympathetic help and understanding to individuals who feel they may have had these experiences. It was through the Intruders Foundation that Oliver developed friendships and solid associations with fellow researchers Ted Davis, Dennis Anderson and Jed Turnbull.

In 2006, Oliver and Ted formed NY-SPI, with Dennis and Jed joining thereafter. Denise Petty signed on in 2007. Together, the NY-SPI team looks to uncover hard evidence of UFOs. The team also employs diverse scientific methods to dissect and scrutinize the physical, statistical and psychological patterns associated with the phenomenon. NY-SPI has well-established case-review and investigation protocols in place. These protocols allow its investigators to carefully piece together the details of reported UFO sightings or possible abductions, and to determine their validity and credibility. NY-SPI receives an ongoing stream of cases daily. Each case pursued is treated like a new mystery.

Oliver is extremely committed in his research and driven to help the many people the UFO phenomenon affects. He is continually amazed how UFOs and "missing time" experiences do not discriminate; that they impact people around the world of all cultures, races, religions, professions and levels of socioeconomic standing. His work with NY-SPI reaches across the entire gamut.

Oliver holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Rutgers University and works professionally as a product specialist for a high-tech equipment manufacturer. Throughout his career, he has held diverse consulting, engineering and management positions for various well-recognized technology corporations. He has traveled globally in support of his trade. In his post-college days, he has also worked in materials and acoustic testing labs, gaining an extensive background in solids, fluids and sound analyses.

Very athletic, Oliver participates in many competitive sports. His recreational passions often lead him to the football fields, tennis courts and volleyball beaches of NJ.

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