Denise Petty

Denise Petty is a Private Investigator born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska where she owns and operates her investigative firm, DCRI, Inc.. Her investigative services and specialties include Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation and Worker’s Compensation fraud as well as occasional private-party and missing persons’ cases. Denise has worked within multiple capacities within the legal field before becoming a Private Investigator by serving as a Deputy Clerk for a US Magistrate Judge, a civil litigation, collections and criminal defense Paralegal, and performed an internship at the Fairbanks District Attorney’s Office.

Denise’s education background includes an AAS in Paralegal Studies (cum laude) from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, which is an American Bar Association Approved Program. Additionally, she has received her Master Detective Certification from an accredited post-secondary education program. Denise pursues ongoing education relating to Alaska law and investigative techniques on an on-going basis. One specific area of study has been Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a technique which she has integrated into her interviewing and investigative skill set.

Denise is very active within her local and professional communities. She is the Fairbanks liaison for the Alaska Innocence Project, a member of the UAF Paralegal Program Advisory committee, has served on the Alaska Investigator’s Association Board of directors for two consecutive terms, with her most recent service as President, writes a monthly newsletter article on preventing fraud for the Fairbanks Seniors’ Center, and performs numerous speaking engagements relating to a variety of topics to local groups such as the Fairbanks Association of Legal Assistants and the UAF Youth Justice Program. Additionally she holds memberships within multiple Investigation-related professional associations nationwide and acts as a group moderator on two professional list serves.

A lifelong Alaskan, Denise not only married a high school classmate, but has also raised both of her daughters in the same community and schools she and her husband attended while growing up. Being outdoor enthusiasts, every spare moment will find the entire family hiking, fishing, camping, ATV-riding and exploring the great Alaskan outdoors. In the wintertime, Denise’s youngest daughter can be found participating in competitive dog-mushing while the rest of the family prefers riding snow machines and skiing or snowboarding.

Denise’s interest in science began early in adolescence and her interest in the subject has never waned. Denise’s particular scientific interest is in quantum physics. She has also independently studied philosophy and religion, and over time began to believe that all three areas contained interesting overlaps. Her interest in unexplained phenomenon and UFO’s followed suit shortly thereafter. Denise’s goal in her studies is to find some solid connectivity within these multiple areas of study that will provide solid, logical answers to the eternal questions we all ask ourselves: How did the human race come to be, what happens when we die, and is there any other intelligent life out there? As an investigator, she approaches the subject from a very rigid, scientific perspective.

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